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Route Summary

This will be an eastbound flight around the world. No additional tanking is needed until the Pacific Ocean. Most of the legs are less than 8 hours and CarolAnn's Mooney (with Monroy long range tanks in the wings) has 12 hours endurance before adding ferry tanks.

The summer of 2011 will be spent in Europe, hopefully visiting northern Norway during the summer solstice. Presentations about the 2008 world-record flight will be given in a number of countries and meetings will be held with ALS groups.

In the fall, CarolAnn will head to the Middle East and then down the east coast of Africa to Mozambique and across to Madagascar. During the winter she'll fly around the Indian Ocean visiting a number of countries and arrive in western Australia. The spring will be spent in New Zealand and heading across the South Pacific Islands to Hawaii.

Finally, CarolAnn will cross either to Alaska or California and make her way to Oshkosh for the EAA AirVenture annual gathering.

Planned Route
2011 Route

The overall route has been developed for this almost 18 month-long trip. The exact dates will remain somewhat flexible. A spreadsheet with the major stops, flight legs and flight times is shown at the bottom of this page. The overview is as follows:

Departure from home in Florida will take place close to mid-April with the planned crossing from St. John's to the Azores either the last week of April or the first week of May. Several stops are being discussed along the east coast for presentations and send-off events. These will be finalized over the coming months.

2011 Route

The Portuguese islands of The Azores are 1300 nautical miles southeast of St. John's, which is on the east coast of Newfoundland, or 800 nautical miles west of Portugal. These are beautiful islands and a normal stopping point for sailors crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

From the Azores I'll head to Portugal, France, Germany, England and spend the summer traveling around Europe. I'll be making presentations about my 2008 world-record flight and meeting ALS groups.

As it starts to cool off in Europe, in the fall, around October, I'll head south to Slovinia, Bosnia, Turkey and I'd like to fly into and visit Israel and Jordan. I've already started making contacts there to help me with entry and visiting those countries.

I should be heading to Africa by late November and go through Egypt, Djibouti and Kenya. My sister-in-law and nephew will be joining me in Kenya as that's were my brother used to work at Mt. Kenya Safari Club giving site-seeing flights around Mt. Kenya in an open-cockpit Waco biplane.

In January 2012 I'll be continuing south to Mozambique then across the channel to Madagascar, Mauritius and Reunion. I'll head north to the Seychelles, where I stopped for a week on my 2003 flight, then continue to Oman where I left a 55 gallon drum of fuel during my 2008 flight. After thanking the people that helped me in Oman, I'll head to India then Thailand, again to meet and thank the supporters that helped me during my maintenance stop in Chiang Mai during my 2008 flight.

2011 Route

As I head south I'd like to visit Brunei and Bali before heading to western and southern Australia, which I missed on my 2003 flight. After that I'll head to New Zealand taking more time to visit the South Island on this trip. Then I'll head northeast and visit some South Pacific Islands on my way to Samoa, Kiribati and Hawaii.

I'm looking at two possible flights from Hawaii to the mainland, one through Alaska and the other straight back to California. To be determined.

  City, Country Identifier Distance Estimated Time Date
  St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada CYYT     end April
  Horta, Azores, Portugal LPHR 1163 8.0 end April
  Santa Maria, Azores, Portugal LPAZ 192 1.5
  Cascais, Portugal LPCS 756 5.0 early May
  Tarbes, France LFDT 505 3.5  
  Nimes, France LFTW 192 1.8  
  Joigny, France LFGK 258 2.3  
  Switzerland LSZS   2.5  
  Austria LOAV   2.0  
  Head south in October        
schools * Slovinia LJMB   1.0 October
* Bosnia        
  Istanbul, Turkey LTBA     2011 October
  Tel Aviv, Israel LLBG 356 2.5  
* Aman, Jordan OJAM 57 0.4  
  Alexandria, Egypt HEAX      
  Luxor, Egypt HELX      
  Djibouti HDAM 1017 7.0  
  Wilson, Kenya HKNW 863 6.4 2011 December
  Tanzania       2012 January
* Madagascar        
  Mauritius FIMP 573 4.1  
  Reunion FMEE 125 1.0  
  Sechelles FSIA 973 6.5  
* Salalah, Oman OOSA 1306 9.1 Feb
  Muscat, Oman OOMS 458 3.3  
  India       Feb
* Thailand VTBD 1193 8.0 late Feb
  Brunei WBSB 987 6.7  
* Bali, Indonesia WADD 822 5.5  
  Australia: YPLM, YPEA, YPAD, YSAK, YBNA, YSNF mid March
* New Zealand: NZKT, NZWR, NZAR, NZCH, NZWF April
  S. Pacific Islands NFTF, NFTL, NFTV May
  Samoa NSFA   6.7  
  Christmas Island, Kiribati PLCH   9.1  
  Kona, Hawaii PHKO   7.6  
  Lihue, Hawaii PHLI      
  Cold Bay, Alaska PACD   13.5 June
  Mainland US       July
  Hilo, Hawaii to California     17.0 May
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