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Upon Silver Wings III ­People and Places around the World
by CarolAnn Garratt

There were so many countries that CarolAnn wanted to visit and on this trip she did just that. Turkey was a melting pot. Israel was industrious and historical as well as religious. Jordan was vibrant and moving forward. The lemurs in Madagascar were fascinating to watch as they moved in groups from one eating area to the next. The people of Thailand were the most hospitable of any country. Australia and New Zealand had freedom of flight just like in the US. The trip was amazing on many fronts. Read all about it in her latest book, Upon Silver Wings III. Thank you for your donation to ALS research.

Please follow this link to an independent review about this latest book: http://www.earthrounders.com/cgi/books.php

Click here to purchase the book through ALS TDI.

by CarolAnn Garratt

This just released DVD of CarolAnn's third world flight has spectacular views of the Swiss Alps, Petra in Jordan, lemurs in Madagascar, and Milford Sound in New Zealand along with the complete story of her trip.

Click here to purchase the DVD through ALS TDI.

Upon Silver Wings II ­ World-Record Adventure
by CarolAnn Garratt

This book documents the amazing journey CarolAnn Garratt and Carol Foy took to break a world record and raise money to end ALS.

Follow CarolAnn and Carol as they circumnavigate this world of ours in 8 days. Read all about the flight and what's involved in planning an endeavor that touches multiple time zones, governments and continents. Learn what went right and what went wrong. Share the experience of being in a small cockpit for 158 hours, leaving the plane only eight times to re-fuel and stretch (their ground time was only 46 hours). What did they eat? How did they go to the bathroom? How did they get permission to cross all those countries? And, most important, what inspired Garratt and Foy to accomplish this world record?

The book is now available for a minimum $30 donation (S&H included).

Click here to purchase the book through ALS TDI.

Upon Silver Wings
by CarolAnn Garratt [ISBN 0975345753]

The first book was very successful and raised over $60,000 for ALS research. A few hundred are still available if you are interested.

This book is written so that you feel as if you are in the right seat watching and hearing all the action and communication as CarolAnn flies the 15-hour leg from California to Hawaii or the 12-hour leg from Darwin, Australia over Indonesia to Singapore. When the engine coughs, your heart leaps into your mouth. When the radio doesn't work, you walk step by step through the problem analysis and find a solution to allow the flight to continue. Enjoy the flight, enjoy visiting the different countries, and feel the freedom.

The book is now available for a minimum $25 donation (S&H included).

Click here to purchase the book through ALS TDI.
Upon silver wings
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