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Getting the Mooney ready for the world flight

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Next island, Pico, 8000 feet. It's rare to see the peak

A view from one of the peaks, gorgeous flowers and views

They use the poured concrete "jacks" as breakwaters. They look like "blowup" balloons

They make mosaic tiles into sidewalks and even use them to designate Handicapped parking

This is the rock we flew by on our approach. It's called Castelo Branco, White Castle

Mooney on the ramp at Horta


Porto, bridges and hillsides

Porto, crossing a bridge and looking down

Porto, riverboats used for transporting barrels of Port

Portugal coastline flying south to Lisbon

Portuguese dinner with "female" and "male" fish

Lisbon - view from a hill in the city

Square at the port of Lisbon which has many festivities

Clara and Delfim, earthrounder/pilot and our hosts in Lisbon

North of Lisbon are castles where royalty spent the summer in the cooler hills



Landing at Altiport in France

Checking the runway before taking off from the Altiport

Angela and Flemming in front of Medieval city in Carcassonnes, France

Roman arena in Nimes, France

Christian, Andre and Elizabeth above Pont du Gard, France

CarolAnn on the other side of Pont du Gard, France

enjoying a picnic before visiting the ramparts of Aigues-Mortes

flying north over the Rhone valley

parting photo, Wes is returning to the US after a month of flying and visiting

Arrival at Lognes, France for media day

With organizers at Lognes, France for media day

CA being awarded a medal for her flying accomplishments

Return to Joigny, France


Aero-expo in Bitburg, Germany

Extra aerobatic plane at Bitburg aero-expo

One of the radio controlled airplanes

German countryside


Mooney getting 50 hour maintenance check. Note the gyrocopter in the background.

Hans, pilot and friend, in front of bakery. Austria is noted for it's cakes!

Diamond has a special section for those sold with camera equipment

Red Bull's DC-6; what a beautiful renovation

DC-6 cockpit

Salzburg, note the castle on the hill in the background

Square in Salzburg with castle behind

A horse washing station in Salzburg

Headed to Devon

Departing the Alps of Austria

Arriving over the White Cliffs of Dover

Arriving in Devon in Steve's RV

With organizer, Pete, and one of the pilots, Jim

Planes lined up taking the kids for their first flights


First site of the SE coast of Ireland

Pattie loading turf into the box, ready for the stove/oven/heater

Irish family connection: Linda, Fran with baby Eoin, Francis, Enda and Pattie, sitting


Flying back to England from Ireland

Cousin Gordon with Mooney

With the Royal Tank Regiment memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum

Memorial to those "shot at dawn", see log for details

With Belinda at MNDA

Arriving at Cranfield with Stewart, right, and Jim. Andre took the photo

Driving in style in Stewart's Bentley


Lakes in the mountains in Norway

South coast of Norway

Welcome to Norway by Peter, Ellen and Rolf

We get our stuff from the car to the boat by wheelbarrow

Viewing the statues on the beach

Taking the boat to the island where the house was located

Taken at 11pm from my bedroom window

Peter and Ellen in front of a fort where Norway and Sweden had battles

At the helm of a Search and Rescue boat; we were given a guided tour


Arriving in Cumbernauld. With Maureen (wife of Bob from MND Scotland)

University of Glasgow

Scottish Aero Club (with Keith, on my left, who hosted me)


Inside a church looking back at the organ and ceiling

Fort and church in the old town of Tallinn, Estonia

Old Russian Orthodox church


Flying over Latvia, lots of trees, not many people

Pilot's entrance to the terminal

Russian freedom statue after WWII - enormous

Modern freedom statue in city center - much smaller

Departing the coast of Latvia, over the Baltic Sea

Dresden, Germany

Central Square on the Elbe River

one of many palaces

lots of statues

lots of winding staircases

organ in a rebuilt church in Dresden

summer palace with lovely gardens

toy manufacturing in early 1900s


one of many cathedrals in Bamberg

airplanes at Bamberg airport for the 100th anniversary flight around Germany

kids preparing gliders every Saturday morning at the airport

another of many cathedrals in Bamberg

old houses along the river

More Germany

Potsdamer Platz, rebuilt center city

Berlin Wall section

Checkpoint Charlie

Holocaust Memorial

Brandenburg Tur (Gate)


History of the Third Reich and the building of the Berlin Wall

Brandenburg Tur (Gate)

An old East German car, it's not made of metal

Potsdamer Platz, the new center city of united Berlin

Some old buildings in former East Berlin


Snow cleared off the runway in September

Looking down at the cog train

Going hiking in the Swiss Alps

Amazing view and snow in September

Hiking in the Swiss Alps

in St. Moritz


I'm back in flat land again!

my host left, Geza, and two Mooney pilots, rear.

this airport hosted the 2005 jet RC world championship

the owner, in orange, 77th birthday


Propeller shop in Caproni Museum, Trento

view of the mountains from the ramp

view of the ramp and mountains from the tower

flying over Venice

Mario, an ALS patient, with supporters after the presentation


Slovenia is a small country but densely populated

with Matevz another earthrounder

short grass strip in Slovenia

Graz, Austria

Famous bell tower over Graz

An Austrian specialty: Verhackertbrot und Sturm

Taking the cog train up to the top

My hosts in front of the clock tower


reticulated giraffe, more defined pattern

Grevey zebra, narrower striped, white under belly

lion resting

Masai giraffe, longest tails

more lions resting


sifaka lemur, usually stay in groups of 5-10

ring-tailed lemur, groups of 15-20

the white fluted leaf bugs transform into the red euphorbia butterflies

mass transportation, taxi Brousse

Baobab tree, about 350 years old

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